Organon of Medicine
by Samual Hahnemann

Organon Of Medicine Timeline

First Edition Leipzig 1810 age 55

Second Edition, Leipzig, 1818 age 63

Compelled to leave Leipzig in 1821

Third Edition, Kothen, Easter, 1824 age 69

Reveals his theory of Chronic Disease to Stapf and Gross. 1827
Publishes three volumes of the First Edition of Chronic Diseases 1828.
The two latter volumes containing 15 new medicines.

Forth Edition, Kothen, January, 1829 age 74

Fifth Edition, Kothen, March, 1833 age 78

Moved to Paris 1835

Sixth Edtion, Paris, February,  1842, age 87

Hahneman died in Paris on July 2, 1843, aged 88 years.

Fifth English Edition, by R.E. Dudgeon, London, March 1893

Sixth English Edition, by Dr. William Boericke, Boston, September 1921

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New translations which may be useful  are:- 
Jost Kunsli et al

Some time I'll get around to finishing the  Appendix.

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